Sugaring Certification Classes

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Sugaring is gaining a lot of attention as the most natural and effective method for hair removal.

Thank you for your interest in our Body Sugaring Certification Class! This course is your first step to becoming certified in an ancient practice that your clients will love. It is designed to meet the needs of today’s salons and spas and will allow you to offer a safer and gentler method for hair removal and skin conditioning. Upon completion of this course, each trainee will understand the hair growth theory and how to maximize the results of body sugaring with advanced techniques.

Shae Figueroa is a seasoned Esthetician with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She began her sugaring training in 2015 and has transitioned her clients into sugaring over the past several years.

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Our Sugaring Classes

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Full day in depth Sugar Certification Class

In this Intensive class you will be hands on for the entirety of the class, learning full body sugar techniques. When you leave this class, you will leave feeling confident in continuing your sugar practice.

Private one on one Sugar Certification Class – $799 (Must provide model)

Price of class with Kit of your choosing:

  • Basic Kit – $399 (Strong Sugar Paste, Ultra Sugar Paste, Pre-Sugar Cleanse, Drying Powder)
  • Knockout Kit – $425 (Smooth Sugar Paste, Strong Sugar Paste, Ultra sugar Paste, Body Tonic)
  • Sugar Paste Kit – $475 (Charcoal Sugar Paste, Smooth Sugar Paste, Strong Sugar Paste, Ultra Sugar Paste
  • Advanced starter Kit – $525 (2 Charcoal Pastes, 2 Smooth Pastes, 1 Ultra Paste, 1 Strong Paste, 1 each of the backbar products, and 1 each of the retail products)

Advanced Sugaring Certification (kit not included)

Our advanced certification is all about mastering face and eyebrow sugaring. In this 3-4 hour class, you will learn how to sugar every part of the face and eyebrows with me standing by your side giving invaluable feedback throughout the whole process.

$249 per person (Class Max is 6 People)

Private Class: $415 (Must provide a model, Basic Sugaring certification required.)

Group 13 min

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Interested in learning how to sugar? Contact us today to learn about our hands on certification classes.